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Benefits Of Uridine Monophosphate Powder

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The basic guideline for a beginner

Uridine is one of the main components of Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) aside from Guanine, Cytidine, and Adenosine. It means that our body produces uridine by itself. We could also find uridine from other sources such as various foods and drinks such as beer, tomatoes, etc. Uridine coming from these sources except for those that’s created in our body is not enough to feed our brain needs. Therefore we need another additional source to help this fuel our brains.

This article will review about uridine monophosphate (UMP) as a supplement to help you generate uridine as needed. There are several forms of UMP, like in a capsule, tablet, or powder. Uridine monophosphate powder helps you consume the supplement if you have difficulty to swallow a capsule or table. This powder form will help you to have an easier digestion than other 2 forms.

There are a lot of benefits that you could have from uridine monophosphate (UMP) powder. We will review five major benefits in general and its correlation in powder form.

  1. Increase neuron production

Uridine monophosphate powder works with Phosphatidylcholine to regulate enzyme and increase numbers of cell operations in our brain. It also works and synergizes with DHA to produce cell membranes. As you know that 60% of brain mass consists of the cell membrane, mean this will enable to keep the mass density which later on improves Acetylcholine (ACh) level to produce more neurons. Neurons play an important role to transmit information in our nerve system; hence this will increase your cognitive ability.

  1. Raise dopamine level

Known as a neurotransmitter that plays a major role in our brain, dopamine enhancement is one of UMP benefits. Dopamine release by neurite and the increasing of neurite growth factor (NGF) leads to being more source of dopamine. Many researches have shown that high dopamine level is very good for your brain capability.  It also brings clarity in mind, to help you understand the difficult and complex problem.

  1. An outgrowth of synapse density

UMP will improve the synapse density number, as it is important to transmit information in your nerve system. Our brain consists of million neurons, and one neuron might have thousands of synapse. When information comes as an electric pulse, it will go through the neuron, cell membrane, and synapse. Synapse will act as a gap between neurons, means that the density of synapse plays a major role in transmitting pulse that contains information. Therefore consuming UMP will also give you a benefit to having the more cognitive ability by having the faster transmission in a quality manner.

  1. Prevent Alzheimer

Another benefit of having UMP supplement is to prevent Alzheimer disease. It is a common form of dementia. It is estimated that 45% of Americans at the age of 85 and above are having Alzheimer disease. It is caused by synapse density loss. UMP contains uridine and works with choline to increase the density of dendritic spines. This could enhance your nerve systems and outgrow synapse density significantly. With more levels of increase than reduction, it will prevent you from Alzheimer disease.

  1. Anti-depressant and positive mood

Last major benefit of having UMP is to prevent you from depression by providing you a positive mood. Mood will impact your response to your surroundings. UMP helps you maintain a positive mood and enables you to control your emotions as well. It is also an anti-depressant that helps you prevent anxiety and depression.

In pressure conditions, the human brain responds to make a specific action of the transmission. Sometimes it creates a malfunction of impulse which causes unexpected depressant action. It is known that this depressed action comes from unbalancing of neurotransmitter. Therefore UMP which contains uridine works with omega-3 to balance the density of neurotransmitter. Uridine also helps to promote more neurons to our brain, as previously mentioned. More neurons transmitted means that more facilitator to bridge information.

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