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Do You Like the Shape of Your Nose?

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Not everyone likes the shape of their nose. Whilst some people may consider having plastic surgery, other people use makeup to make the most of their nose. That last option is realisable and may surprise you when you consider using it. You just need to know what to do to make this possible.

Use a Cream with a Powder

Makeup artists suggest using a cream and follow it with a powder. The consistency of the cream will define the nose and create a perfect symmetry. The powder that is used will help blend everything whilst adding a shadowed look. If you want to choose a softer look, only use the powder.

Begin at the Brow

You want to begin a nose contour at the brow bone and work downwards. Doing so will help you create a more balanced facial appearance. Doing so will also ensure that each side is equal. Extend the contoured look from the brow to the end of the nose.

Blending Leads to Beautiful

The main secret to a perfect contour is the blend and reblend. You do not want to show off any contoured lines on the side of your nose. To prevent this from happening, you need to blend inwards or toward the nose’s centre. By taking this approach, your nose will almost look pinched, if not slimmer. If you blend outwards, the nose will look wider. Therefore, to keep your nose looking thin, remember to always blend inwards. To top off the look, you only need to apply a small dab of concealer in the centre of the nose.

Therefore, the secret to having a great-looking nose is to know what powders and creams to use and to make blending a priority. You can also enhance the look of a nose that has had plastic surgery. In fact, this is the time you can make the most of your nose and its new appearance. Whilst contouring can be chosen in lieu of surgery, it can also complement the outcome of a procedure.

For example, one lady decided to have surgery because she had a bump on her nose. No amount of contouring could help her hide the bump. However, after the surgery, she could contour her nose and make the most of her features.

You may also think about enhancing the looks of your nose after surgery is performed for a deviated septum. The septum is the area in the nose that separates the nostrils. Noses can become pinched, not just from contouring. Nostrils may also not have enough room to breathe. When a woman undergoes the surgery, she often finds ways to enhance her appearance, as she feels better overall. By contouring the nose, she not only breathes easier, she also loves her new look.

What Do You Want to Achieve?

When doing any type of contouring, you need to decide what you want to achieve. If you wish to contour your nose, you probably want it to appear narrower. At least, that is what most women want to accomplish. Maybe you want to enhance the looks of your cheekbones. Whilst women who have high cheekbones can do this easily, women who do not have this feature can make their cheekbones stand out.

Would You Like Higher Cheekbones?

The idea here is to add colour beneath the cheekbone so it projects outward. Again, you want to contour the look so you do not have any telltale lines. The whole idea is to obtain a natural and shadowed effect. If you want to remove the shadows, concentrate on using a powdered blush. A cream blush is ideal for a woman to use if she wants to enhance the look.

Making a Colour Choice

You also need to consider the colour of the blush. Women who are dark-skinned can get by with choosing a peach colour or a colour that is more reddish in tone. If your skin is light, try to add a blush that is a pale pink or a soft red. You also need to consider your age, especially when you are contouring your face with a blush.

Avoid Some of the Harsher Hues

If you are older, naturally, you do not want to emphasise lines or wrinkles. That means, you do not want to choose a harsh hue, such as red tends to be when you are older. Whilst it is nice to include a pop of colour to the lips, it looks bad to have your cheeks stained with a blush that is too obvious. After all, that is the whole idea behind contouring – to perfect your look subtly and beautifully. You cannot achieve this effect if you do not learn to blend the colours correctly or choose a colour that is not right for your skin tone and age.

Some Tips for Creating Just the Right Look

By choosing the right colour for your skin tone, hair, and eye colour, you will look more beautiful and refined. For example, if you have ebony hair, but pale skin, choose a lighter blush, such as pink or peach. If your hair is blonde and your skin is medium toned, opt for a blush that provides a healthful pink glow. Make it look like nature endowed you with your youthful blush.

Add Some Shimmer in Your Life

You can indeed be creative when you learn to contour your nose or your cheeks. You can even make your shoulders look more shimmery. For example, you may want to dust a soft blush with sparkles to your shoulders if you are going out for the evening and wearing an off-shoulder design.

The Secret to Looking Your Best

Needless to say, you can perform miracles when you learn how to contour your makeup and choose the right colours and cosmetics. Take time now to see how you can improve your looks with creams and powder. The more you know about contouring, the more you will be convinced that it is the secret to looking your best. Whether you choose a cream contour or a cream and powder technique, you can use the products to contour your nose, improve your facial profile, or reshape your face.

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