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Footwear that will Change Your Life

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Do you love running? Do you enjoy the sweat rolling down your face as your Adidas shoes pound on the pavement, mile after mile? You know the absolute importance of quality athletic wear and footwear. The right footwear will bring you decades of good foot health and comfort. The wrong sneakers can leave you with injuries and back pain. Choose the right footwear to make a difference in your life.

Choosing the Right Shoe

Finding the right type of footwear for running, walking, and exercise depends on many factors, from your walking gait to your sport to your gender. For example, sneakers for women are not as heavy as those designed for men. Additionally, they often are available in different styles and for sports that manufacturers think appeal to women. Your gait will affect which shoe you should purchase, as will your sport. What are some of the top sneakers for your sport?

The Adidas Solar Boost for Runners

The Adidas Solar Boost is a hot shoe item this year. It has a springy foam that provides extra cushion and protection. The special design builds support throughout the upper and midfoot. They are surprisingly light with a secure heel at the midsole. The Solar Boost propels the runner forward.

For the Harsh Terrain

For runners that like to take on hiking and harsh natural terrain, the Adidas Terrez Trailmaker makes its mark this year as a dependable shoe that provides protection and durability. What is notable about the Terrez Trailmaker is its strong grip on any surface, made possible by the deep lugs. Worried about sticking your landing? Don’t worry with these shoes. They have a unique tread pattern to stabilize you, even on slick terrain.

The Adidas Energy Boost for Long Distance Runners

For the long run, you want a shoe that provides support, is durable, and protects your feet. The proprietary foam design provides energy return and flexibility. Expect to get high mileage out of these shoes without worrying about clunkiness.

Elite Runners Trust the Adizero

Are you looking to break some serious PRs long distance? Then look no farther than the Adidas Adizero Sub 2, a unique sneaker that has helped athletes like Dennis Kimetto shatter world records. With special lightweight foam, the Adidas Adizero is guaranteed to help you quench your need for serious speed and agility.

Every Sport

Sometimes you don’t want a sneaker designed for a single purpose. Sometimes you want a multi-sport sneaker that provides agility, energy return, support, and protection. The all-around sneaker that is perfect for long distance, sprints, and even yoga is the Alphabounce Instinct by Adidas. This unique shoe responds to your natural foot movement. Designed for multiple sports, the sneakers will support your feet through a variety of movements. Use it in the gym, on the trail, or on the court. Finding the right athletic shoe for your sport will provide you with cushion, protection, and mobility for years to come.

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