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Glimpse of Raheja Hospital

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Raheja hospital is one of the top healthcare providers in Mumbai. Being 1975 established healthcare, it provides one of the best diagnostic facilities and technologies for treatment. The infirmary makes sure that patients in the get finest treatment and expertise doctor for the treatment. Though S L Raheja hospital is a multi-specialty hospital no one can match the treatment of cancer and Diabetes.

Raheja hospital was established by Chandru Raheja in 1975, Later on, the hospital is managed by Fortis Healthcare world’s top medical chain. With more than 150 beds and National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare also acknowledged the emergency ward of healthcare.

Moving forward on to the achievements accomplished by Raheja Hospital:

The first healthcare to use PIPCA in India: 

PIPAC is classic yet exquisite developments of present-day times; this treatment is definitely changing the way Peritoneal Cancers are dealt with, in simple words it is a combined procedure of chemotherapy and surgery. You might want to know what Peritoneal Cancers is. Tumors which spread to the Peritoneum (lining of the stomach cavity) like a tumor of the Ovaries, Colon, Stomach, Gall Bladder, Pancreas and furthermore essential Peritoneal Cancers, Peritoneal Mesothelioma (cancer that influences the covering of the guts) and Pseudomyxoma (a rare disease that normally begins in the Appendix).

The invention of the vocalizer:

One to the Raheja Hospital doctor name P. Jagarnaath has founded the problem that many patients due to the endotracheal tube they cannot speak even though they are conscious. In several cases, even after the surgeries, many patients cannot express their needs and requirement.

Earlier hospital use to take traditionally used common pre-written notes that helped the patient to communicate but at times those weren’t sufficient since special needs had to be catered to; there was an urgent need to this fill this communication gap. Dr Jagarnath has invented “the vocalizer” an application which has over 60 voiceovers for every possible situation.

   Ross surgery at Raheja Hospital

Raheja hospital has performed the `Ross surgery to save the 5-year-old. Talking more about this unique surgery under which replace the diseased valve with Pulmonary Valve.

Moving forward kid was suffering from the bicuspid aortic valve (BAV), a hereditary condition. Only 2% of the population and only 1% develop problems. The kid was one under 1% and to save his life doctors of Raheja hospital has to change his diseased valve with a new one. But the problem in front of the doctor that Valve of patient size is not available so they use ROSS surgery and replace the diseased valve with Pulmonary Valve. You can book your appointment through Clinicspots.

One side brain shift treatment at Raheja Hospital

Raheja hospital has performed the one side brain shift treatment which showcases why Raheja Healthcare is raked top 10 hospitals in Mumbai. This classic case of perfect diagnosis, and if the diagnosis would have gone unnoticed and the patient could have slipped into ICU or undergone Paralysis. The doctors of Raheja hospital advice that people should not ignore any a headache. People should aware that it is very important to take proper consultation from the doctors.

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