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How Long Does Recovery from Trigger Finger Surgery Last?

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Trigger finger is a painful condition that can often times require surgery to find any relief. Luckily, most are on an outpatient basis. But recovery may not be as easy and quickly as you may expect.

What is trigger finger?

Trigger finger is a condition where the finger gets stuck in a bent position and snaps back straight. It happens when the thickening of the tendon prevents the tendon from releasing, so it gets stuck. Symptoms include finger stiffness, soreness of the palm, tenderness or a bump at the base of the finger, popping or clicking when pointing the finger straight.

Trigger finger surgery

A minimally invasive outpatient surgery can often lead to immediate relief. You may experience a low amount of pain or soreness in the area where the incision is. It isn’t uncommon for a splint to be places to allow the incision to heal.

Recovery time

When using the top Phoenix hand specialist, on average, it takes around 6 weeks to heal from trigger finger surgery, but this can vary depending on the extent of the surgery. After about 2 weeks of physical therapy, most people will begin to regain strength in their finger and hand. If you follow instructions from your surgeon and complete physical therapy, you can get full use of your hand after 6 weeks. Expect to take a month off of work, depending on your profession. But always make sure you get a release by your doctor.

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