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How to Pass a Drug Test

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Almost all employers ask from their employees once in a while to take a medical test. They want to know how their workers take care of themselves. That seems like nothing special but for people who like to do some drugs here and there, this might be a real problem.

As marijuana became legal in many states, a lot of people are consuming CBD products. Millions of US citizens actively use this drug. Before anyone judges, they should know that marijuana has a lot of benefits. If you want to learn more about it, take a look at this article written on the popular blog With Love.

The reason for taking CBD can be different. Some people are consuming for a simply recreational reason and some love it because of its proven medical benefit. Whatever the reason is, no one should prohibit the use of it.

When you need to do a medical test, you can be sure that your boss will surely find out about your drug use. Not everyone is liberal and you need to have this in mind. Some employers will surely sack the worker that is using drugs even that this is not done during working hours. That’s why many people are asking themselves how to pass the drug test.

Things you need to know about the test

There are more kinds of tests. Blood test, hair test, urine test. In all of these can be found traces of CBD as one of the most commonly used drugs in the States. If you smoked weed during the weekend chances are great you’ll be positive for marijuana.

If you think that mixing your urine with water or other liquid will fool the doctors then be sure that you’re wrong. Even though there will surely be a smaller percentage of the drug inside the sample, the person doing the test will see that there are traces. So don’t botter.

A lot of people also buy products promising that they can manipulate the results. Any product taken before the test can’t do magic. Not only this is futile but it can be dangerous since you don’t know what exactly you’re consuming.

In order to get clean results, you need to do something about it at least 24 hours before taking the medical examination. The best is if you dedicate to keeping your body healthy and do all the right things needed for a perfect result. If you want to learn more about living a healthy life, click here.

What must be done?

The sooner you realize you need to do something, the better results you’ll get. If you’re actively looking for a job, you can’t be sure when some of the applications will work out and you’ll be called on an interview. If you’re getting high before doing the interview, you probably won’t even be asked for a drug test. The human resources team will easily realize you’re doing drugs and won’t hire you.

If you’re one of those that need to do a regular every year medical exam, then you probably have better chances in getting the best results. A lot of people enjoy recreational marijuana which is not a heavy drug. The medical tests are almost always in the same period of time. If they were in October for the last two years, then you know that you must be clean during September.

Yes, September is a tough month, but what’s more important, your job, or the pot? You’ll make it a month without the drugs. And we say a month because it takes around three to four weeks for the marijuana completely to get out of your system. If you’re living a healthy life in general, you probably need less time because the drug’s particles tend to stack inside the body fat. Please learn more about this – http://adamhscc.org/en-US/facts-marijuana.aspx

This means that working out on a daily base lowers the chance to be caught for drugs. If you think that working out the last few days before the test can do the same, you’re wrong. This will only help the body fat burn faster and release the drug ingredients into the blood and urine making the problem even worse. It’s just like studying a day before the test – it’s just not good for you.

If you’re inside that dangerous time zone of a week or two, the best option is to start drinking a lot of water and detox liquids. This will help your body release all toxins. CBD is, of course, one of the toxins if you ask your organs. The organs clean themselves with the help of water. Give them enough water and they’ll give you clean results on the test.

Also, make sure you’re on a healthy diet and you eat only foods that will not produce more fat. More fat mean the cannabinoids will stay inside longer. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water and exercise too. When the time for the test comes, have a clear mind and full self-esteem. Remember that you don’t need to be completely clear of the drug, you just need to be below the level to pass.

Important conclusions

There’s no need for magic because magic won’t work. If you forgot about the test or you were simply taken by surprise, there’s nothing that can be done. It’s not the end of the world. Please don’t believe those website ads where they claim that you can be flushed in an hour before the test. That’s impossible.

You can cheat the test, of course, but this is something that is not recommended. There are chemical substances that almost have no difference from the human urine, so if you’re thinking about this kind of solution, look them up online.

The best way to pass the test is by simply not consuming the drug for some time. Ideally, a month, so you can be sure that absolutely no traces of it will be shown in your blood, hair, or urine.

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