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The Best Desktop Vaporizer For Dab Lovers

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If you’ve already fallen in love with the whole dabbing process and you can’t see yourself ever using a vaporizer for your concentrates, maybe this new desktop vaporizer that recently hit the market will make you reconsider that stance. No one can argue that the volcano’s classic and utilitarian functionality is best suited for the use of cannabis in a medicinal context, but for people that have been riding the wave of dabbing since it became popular on the west coast of America, this might be the best desktop vaporizer in terms of replicating the standard dabbing ritual.

The FlowerPot

Don’t let the name fool you, this thing looks awesome. In fact, in order to use this vaporizer, you need to have glass, or purchase it together. You’re right, this is quite the investment but it’s well worth saving up for if you ever think you’d like to give your lungs a break from smoke one day. The actual vape is simply a battery which heats an e-nail that has two functions.

  • Concentrates

        The e-nail can function almost exactly as a standard dabbing nail does, except it is heated electronically rather than by torch. This allows you to control your temperature precisely and enjoy a smooth and steady dab vape instead of smoke. Or…

  • Dry Herb

        You can also use the e-nail as a carb cab over a bowl of dry herb, and instead of combusting by flame, the herb is vaporized at whatever temperature you set the e-nail to.

    With the FlowerPot, not only do you get the luxury to choose between vaping concentrates or dry herbs, you can also do both at the same time. It’s as simple as you’d imagine. Load the top part of the e-nail with some fine shatter, and use the bottom part to vape your herb. Tell me this isn’t the best desktop vaporizer you’ve heard about in years. The production quality is excellent, it has a wonderful aesthetic to it, including an elegant wrapping of hemp rope around the handle for the e-nail, and it has received nothing but stellar reviews since its release. You can get a whole starting kit including glass for about 600$ online, and there are some neat accessories to go with it available as well.

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