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Things You Must Know About Mesothelioma Treatment

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Malignant mesothelioma is an aggressive form of cancer, caused by asbestos exposure. The life expectancy of a patient with mesothelioma largely depends on early detection. Sadly, there’s no known cure for malignant mesothelioma as of now, and most of the available treatments are focused on easing pain and increasing the life expectancy of the patient. In this post, we will talk about mesothelioma treatment in brief.

Understanding the options

Also known as asbestos cancer, malignant mesothelioma is not inherited. However, you can still get the disease with secondhand exposure. The treatment options can be classified into two categories. The first one is known as curative therapy, where the focus is on killing the cancer cells and preventing further growth. The second option is palliative care, which is more focused on offering relief from the symptoms and pain, so that the patient can have a better life. The approach depends on the stage of the disease, and further treatments are dependent on how the patient reacts to the approach. In most cases, doctors start with aggressive therapies, but if the condition does not improve, a palliative treatment plan is chosen.

Getting treated

Some of the traditional treatments for cancer are also used in cases of malignant mesothelioma. These include surgery, use of chemotherapy to kill cancer cells and radiation therapy, which is used to shrink tumors and destroy the cancer cells. Alternative treatments are being studied, so there’s hope for patients. Some of the FDA-approved medications like Gilotrif (afatinib) are being considered for treatment.

Need for palliative care

In many cases, patients don’t respond well to curative treatments like surgery and radiation therapy. Doctors often focus more on palliative care, which is more about getting relief from symptoms and improving the quality of life. If you are a mesothelioma patient, you need to understand the risks and side effects of each treatment. Talk to your doctor and ask questions, so that you can understand the options. Medical costs can be high, but with good assistance and adequate palliative care, you can live longer. While malignant mesothelioma is not curable, you can enjoy a better and happy life, even in the last few months.

Financial and legal help

People suffering from malignant mesothelioma should know that legal and financial help is available. You can check a mesothelioma help website to find more details. These platforms can connect patients and caregivers, and you can find a lot of information related to legal assistance. Depending on the case, the patient can get direct assistance for medical expenses and travel costs related to the treatment. If an asbestos company is at fault, additional compensation might be given, as well. Patients may also get financial compensation for hiring help for their daily chores and jobs, besides getting additional help for loss of wages.

Early detection of malignant mesothelioma is important for better treatment, and you can surely help others by sharing details. Patients with the disease often lose hope, but with dedicated support, things can change in a positive way. Read more about asbestos exposure online!

Author Bio – Nancy is a blog and content writer with more than 20 years of professional experience. Nancy has been writing about mesothelioma and cancer for close to eight years.

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